‘Walked out’ – HR Disaster

I work in a human service agency and we have recently tried to expand our services. It’s hard to find the right employee, let alone find someone to work in an area that is impoverished and the pay grade is much lower. You really hope you find someone who understands the mission and the area. Recent grads? They want money. Retirees? They’re less qualified other than their experience and it’s hard for them to change. Anyways…you hope for the sweet spot, someone with experience and nowhere close to retiring.

Well, my company hires someone who has experience (check) the right degree (check) and willing to work for the lower pay (check). The holy grail of employees in human service.

Now, my employer is not what you imagine when you hear our commercials or advertisements. You’d think a ‘reputable’ human service organization, grant funded, would have some checks and balances, but it doesn’t. We’re currently going through turmoil with hiring of professionals (or lack thereof).

Anyways, the boss hires someone they know personally. He brags about it practically. A professional…….in a wheel chair. Now, don’t take this as me judging. I don’t care. I’m not even involved with hiring at this point. I think it’s great and I’m happy to meet new co-worker. I think nothing of it. But HR…………………………………. HR has a different idea. HR makes this entire journey….’an issue.’

Now, let me tell you…our HR Director? Incompetent. I don’t think she even knows how to read, but she starts spouting off laws and things which I presume she’s heard on TV as fact. Managements eats it right up.

A few months pass by and HR seems to bring up the ….”behavior”…..of the employee in question. I think nothing of it. I’m not involved and its not even in my area.

Four months later. I sit in a management meeting and hear HR say, “We need to fire this bitch.” I couldn’t believe. Stellar reviews. Reports indicate all but the stated. I ask, “why is this?” and she responds, “I don’t like how she documents her work.”

Now, I know this is not the case. This is some smoke screen of an act. Either way, I go with it. It’s not my area.

The next day, she’s fired. I ask the Director of Human Resources and she says, “She was walked out” …then, pantomimes..she was walked out by pretending she was rolling a wheel chair.

I realized then, I needed a new job.