‘Pickle Rick’ part 2

I don’t normally eat out, but today of all days, I saw the funniest thing. I’m even considering putting it on youtube because why the hell not?

I’m on my lunch hour and decided to drive until I saw something. Needless to say, everything was pretty lack luster and I decided on McDonalds. It’s pretty busy, but I’m able to jump in and out of line pretty fast and sit down with my order. Next thing I know, I hear some kid screaming about the pickles. He jumps up on the counter and practically starts goose stepping and yelling about the bbq sauce. The kid behind the counter grabs his ankles and throws him on the ground. He throws down his apron and walks out with two middle fingers in the air. I love a good ‘job quitting’ story, but it’s so much better seeing in person.

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