My meeting

We walk into the conference room and sit in our usual spots. We never change seats, if we did, it would throw the entire meeting off. Beings how these meetings happen on rare occasions, one cannot just ‘throw a meeting off.’

The meeting convenes like church. You sit in the pew and don’t talk…you wait for the preacher to walk in and open up. We’re a quiet bunch anyways. Talk in the office is usually no more than ambient and anything louder is regarded as screaming.

Now, screaming happens, but that was when John got fired. There were a few loud chuckles last week, but that was from a group email (I wasn’t cc’ed on it so I didn’t get to laugh).

We’ll go left to right and report out. Being first is nice and being last  is worst. Carey is last and complains about it all of the time, but no one cares and no one suggests switching spots because it would throw the meeting off.

There’s a few nods around the room, but most everyone’s focus is on there reports or phones…our downward facing seated position, for prayer. EXCEPT. STEVEN.

He’s sitting across from me smiling. A big juicy, shit eating grin smile. I don’t know why nor do I care and I dismiss it as soon as we make eye contact. STEVEN. He doesn’t have his notes out, he doesn’t have a pen in hand, a phone to stare at, but he has his hands clasp together smiling at me. It wouldn’t be so blatant, but STEVEN sits across from me. I am now contemplating changing seats.

Our boss walks in and she sits down. She prepares her spot and sets out several items in a very precise manner. She is left handed so it is more noticeable. STEVEN is still look- smiling at me. (Why won’t he stop?)

The meeting begins and our boss notices STEVEN. His big smiley grin is so noticeable it breaks the concentration of our boss. She nods at him politely and he doesn’t. break. He merely turns toward her and then back to ready position. I glance to see if anyone else notices the large toothy grin. I imagine myself sitting on the couch watching a commercial for toothpaste.

We go the entire meeting with no hiccups. STEVEN stops smiling. We file out one after another and everyone begins to part ways back to their offices. I walked past STEVEN and I go back to my area and sit down.

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